Terms of cancellation

Dear guest, by booking or reserving rooms in our hotel you have concluded a guest accommodation contract, the essential content of which is determined in accordance with § 535 BGB (German Civil Code) and which is binding for both parties to the contract. In principle, contracts can be concluded without form, i.e. without having to observe a special form. Contracts can therefore not only be concluded by the parties putting the contractual conditions on paper and signing them. Also the agreement in the discussion, by telephone or E-Mail is an effective contract. According to the regulations of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association e.V. (DEHOGA) the following regulations apply:

If the reservation is cancelled or if the guest does not arrive, we charge 80% of the agreed room price for the duration of the contract. However, we make every effort to re-let the unoccupied rooms as far as possible, so that the cancellation costs are no longer incurred by you. As a gesture of goodwill, we grant the following cancellation periods free of charge if no other agreements have been made in writing:

Free cancellation:
1-2 rooms until 12:00 am on day of arrival
3-5 rooms until 5 working days before arrival
6-10 rooms until 10 working days before arrival
11-15 rooms until 15 working days before arrival
16-22 rooms until 20 working days before arrival

Thank you very much for your understanding!

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